Custodial Interference in Montana

Under MCA §45-5-304, a person commits the offense of "custodial interference" if, knowing that he/she has no legal right to do so, takes, entices, or withholds from lawful custody any child, incompetent person, or other person entrusted by authority of law to the custody of another or to an institution.

The court in State v. Price, 311 Mont. 439, 57 P3d 42 (2002), provided a discussion of venue and constitutionality issues with respect to this statute. The courts have recognized that the following elements must be proven at trial for a prosecution of “custodial interference”:

  1. The Defendant took, enticed or withheld from lawful custody from another person; and
  2. That the person taken was a child, an incompetent person, a person entrusted by authority of law to the custody of another person or institution; and
  3. That the Defendant knew, that is, that the Defendant was aware, that he/she had no legal right to do so.

The jury instruction for custodian interference can be found at MCJI 5-121. Also, limitations for charging or prosecuting this offense can be found in MCA §45-5-304(3).

Finding an Attorney for "Custodial Interference" in Helena, Montana

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