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Helena Municipal Court

The Helena Municipal Court was formerly known as the Helena City Court. The municipal court in Helena, Montana, is part of the state judicial system. The municipal court enforces the laws for the City of Helena.

The municipal court also handles the following types of cases allegedly committed within the city limits of Helena, Montana, including:

  • misdemeanor traffic;
  • animal control offenses;
  • city ordinances;
  • orders of protection.

Attorney for Municipal Court Cases in Helena, Montana

If you are accused of a traffic crime or another type of misdemeanor allegedly committed within the city limits of Helena, MT, then contact a criminal defense attorney in Helena, Montana. Attorney Greg Beebe also represents the respondent served with a petition for an order of protection after an accusation of domestic violence.

Call 1 (406) 442-3625 today to schedule a confidential consultation.

Orders of Protection in Helena, Montana

A person who believes they are the victim of a threat or violence can file a request for an order of protection. The court in the municipal court in Helena, MT, can issue an order of protection to provide protection to the following types of alleged victims:

  • victims of family member assaults;
  • victims of partner assaults;
  • victims of sexual assault; and
  • victims of other specific crimes.

Many of these cases for an order of protection also involve family law issues including divorce, paternity, child custody or child support. Greg Beebe also represents clients in family law cases in and around Lewis and Clark County and the surrounding counties throughout Montana.

Warrants Issued by the Helena Municipal Court

Warrants from Helena Municipal Court

If you do not make your original appearance in court, then a summons will be sent to you. If you do not appear in court by the date given on the summons, then the court will issue a  nonappearance warrant for your arrest (sometimes called the failure to appear warrant). The court can also order the DMV to suspend your driver's license after the failure to appear.

Arrest warrants can also be issued for non-compliance of sentencing and can require a mandatory Judge appearance. The municipal court in Helena, Montana, publishes a list of people who have an outstanding warrant for their arrest. For more serious crimes, the arrest warrant can be issued by a judge in Lewis & Clark County. Those warrants can be verified by the Support Service Division at the Helena Police Department at (406) 447-8469. 

If you have a warrant that was issued for your arrest after a failure to appear or because of a non-compliance issue, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can file a motion to quash or set aside the warrant.

Additional Resources

Arrest Warrant List from Helena Municipal Court - Visit the website of the City of Helena to find a list of people who have an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the judge in the Helena Municipal Court. Call an attorney if you wish to clear your name from the list or contact the clerk's office yourself to appear in court and speak with the judge about the reasons you should not immediately be taken into custody. The active warrant list in Helena, MT, is updated on the Monday of each week.

Contact Information

Helena Municipal Court
Lewis & Clark County Courthouse
228 Broadway Ave.
Helena, Montana 59601
Phone: (406) 447-8466
Email: helenamunicipalcourt(at)helenamt.gov

This article was last updated on Friday, August 25, 2017.


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